In a suggestive frame, to offer dishes with the taste of “home”. Thus, from the idea of brother and sister, “Mamma Ciccia” is born.

The courtyard, the wine cellar, their grandparents’ old shop becomes the “frame” where you will be taken care of as if at home…by a mother at home (the meaning of the name “Mamma Ciccia”). And if the “mother” (the sister) has a collaborator who can offer his experience in the restaurant business (the brother), the idea can take off. This is the philosophy of “Mamma Ciccia”, which is called a restaurant, but if you look closely, you will discover that it is much more.

From the menu, which is a surprise every day: “Mom, what’s for dinner?” (who hasn’t asked that question?!) It may seem a bit meagre, but “Mamma Ciccia” shops every morning. Some love in the kitchen and care in the presentation does the rest: not the dishes of a great “Chef”, but the simple tastes which convey the message: we take care of you! And the pampering continues after an aperitif served in the wine cellar, with the flicker of candlelight, a flower on the table, music which is never overpowering (live on summer evenings) perhaps a trip on the family sailboat: the lake nearby, the boat is available.

Why not take advantage and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings? All of this is “Mamma Ciccia” – perhaps you will no longer call it only a “restaurant”…

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